Press Release: Evolution Sports Group returns to the FIM ARRC Asia Road Racing Championship 2024 with Rider Lachlan Epis and newly enlisted teammate, Joey Teo which will be flying under Savitar Team Asia by ESG!

We are thrilled to announce that Evolution Sports Group is set to return in 2024 with an exciting entry into the FIM (ARRC) Asia Road Racing Championship!

As a leader in the world of motorsports, Evolution Sports Group is committed to push the boundaries, and seek success with our esteemed riders, Lachlan Epis and newly appointed rider Joey Teo will spearhead our campaign in this prestigious championship.


“I am returning to ASB1000 thanks to the support of Evolution Sports Group, which has been instrumental in enhancing our team’s performance. They played a crucial role last year, and their continued assistance this year ensures that we are on par with the league standards.”

Joey Teo – Savitar Team Asia by ESG.



FIM ARRC Asia Road Racing Championship:

The FIM ARRC Asia Road Racing Championship is a pinnacle of motorcycle racing in the region, attracting top talents and teams from across Asia and beyond. Known for its intense competition, challenging circuits, and a vibrant atmosphere, the championship has become a proving ground for the best in the sport.


“We struggled in 2023 with the change to Dunlop tyres and spent the whole year on the back foot in every area.

Having the post season Tyre Test as well as The Sydney Night Race Series has allowed us to successfully transition and understand the Dunlop tyers and find a base setting that allows competitive results.

We have changed the team up to focus more on electronics and that is showing in consistency over recent distance already.

With both Lachlan and Joey, we expect a big step on 2023 results and as we are no longer rookies at every round we need to be fighting for podiums from Rd1.”

Greg Epis – Technical Director


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Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled season that promises excitement, competition, and triumph! Let the countdown to the ARRC 2024 begin!


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